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Special Effects

Special Effects Options (P)
Add to Piece Cost from Pricing Table
S-102Black Dye Plating10%
S-103Black Gold / Silver / Copper10%
S-104Satin Gold / Silver / Copper15%
S-105Antique Silver Finish20%
S-106Antique Gold Finish40%
S-107Double Finish - Two Tone in Gold and Silver25-50%
S-108Each Additional Color Over 3 colors in Cloisonne Fill$0.14
S-109Additional Colors - Enamel Fill$0.10
S-110Backside of 2-Sided Design (without enamel fill)20%
S-111Back Stamping / Piercing$0.10
S-112Back Stamping Die Piercing Die or Stampmask$50.00
S-113Extra Cuttting Die - both with or without ring top ( except standard round size)$30.00 - $50.00
S-114Second Layout Change - Name, Date, Title, Etc.$40.00 - $100.00
S-115Colored Letters on Colored Background or Complex
Colored Design (Minimum Size 1/8" x 3/32")
S-116Epoxy Coating5%
S-117Inlaid Synthetic Stone$0.70
S-118Chemical Machining or Etching ThroughAQ
S-119Dapped / Curved / Domed Shapes10%
S-120Drill Hole$0.08
S-121Frosted Background20%
S-122Brushed Backside (per Sq Inch)$0.08
S-123Gold Finish Front side (Item D only - per Sq Inch)12%
S-124Adhesive Backing$0.06

Personalized service administered by our dedicated staff along with skilled craftsmanship, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and competitive pricing, make Julie of California the first choice for all your award, recognition, & speciality needs.

New Products

Color Keys

Colorful solid brass key blanks imprinted on both sides with your customer’s design.

Durable double-baked finish is perfect as a memento or promotional item.

We offer QuikSet (KW) and Schlage (SCI) key blanks. Other styles and shapes available.

Please call for a quote. Delivery in 3-5 weeks.

Please contact us by phone at (800) 423-9200, or email us at