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Sculptured 3D Statues

Sculptured 3-D statues are always the best presentation for trophies and awards, corporate souvenirs, or any special occasion. The flexibility of cast resin and the intricate electro-plating technique provide fine detail with an authentic metallic finish in your choice of antique brass, antique silver, or bronze at an affordable tooling charge and unit price. Also available with a 24k gold finish. Please ask for a quote.

KeyPiece Cost
Q-01 2" AQ AQ AQ AQ AQ
Q-02 3" AQ AQ AQ AQ AQ
Q-03 4" AQ AQ AQ AQ AQ
Q-04 5" AQ AQ AQ AQ AQ
Q-05 6" AQ AQ AQ AQ AQ

As Quoted Pricing

Due to the complexity of different designs, we can not provide list prices for this product. Please call with detailed information on your design, and we will quote accordingly. We sincerely apologize for any inconvience this may cause.

Standard Price Includes:

  • Antique brass, antique silver or bronze finish.
  • Protective shipping box
  • For 24K gold finish, please call for quote.
  • For larger sizes, please call for quote.
  • Shipping charge from China is not included, please call for shipping information.

Findings & Special Effect Options

Findings Special Effects

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